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Zwilling-ceramic-pan-sticking, try simmering a diluted 50-50 vinegar/water solution in the pan for 20 minutes and then wash with soap. btw, you're supposed to clean the pan with normal dish wash soap after every use.. We are happy that you are interested in cooking and that you want to know the right use and care for your cookware. we believe that the best cookware makes preparing food a pleasure. which adds to the overall enjoyment of cooking. and, we hope you enjoy reading., you get the same muck sticking to the surface of stainless steel pans as you do ceramic pans and this stuff cleans both surfaces without harming the surface. you can also use it to clean ceramic herd tops in the same way to remove those rough circles that form in the hob areas that seem to defy removal..

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Ptfe (such as teflon) is famous for being easy to clean, since food will not tightly stick to it, but these ceramic pans are almost as slick. unfortunately, zwilling did not coat the rivets with ceramic, so over time those exposed rivets can accumulate grime from baked-on oils.