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Zurn-stainless-steel-floor-sink, z1752-sdc - floor sink. 12"x12"x10" floor sink comes standard with 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel, and features a loose set grate and stainless steel sediment basket. Learn more about zurn's complete line of floor sinks for building drainage., zurn light commercial 12" 12.000" width cast iron floor sink. pro pricing for trade professionals. $102.17. Zurn z1902-rl floor sink liner, 12x12 x10 inches deep. all 304 stainless steel, 5 inch down spout with gasket seal, slotted loose set grate, inside removeable perforated dome-strainer., a floor sink is a drain that is placed in the middle of the floor. it is not actually a sink that is in the floor but is more like a bathtub or shower drain than a sink. you can not get water out of a floor sink, nor do they have handles and spouts. they are simply a device used for the purpose of draining water, not getting water..

Supply.com is an online wholesaler of kitchen, bath, and plumbing fixtures, giving professionals and homeowners over 300,000 product options since 2005., 12 in. square x 6 in. deep stainless steel sanitary floor sink series fs-780 12 in. (305mm) square x 6 in. (152mm) deep 14ga. type 304 stainless steel sanitary floor sink with loose set cast stainless steel grate, dome bottom strainer, and no hub (standard) outlet..

Stainlessdrains.com’s round floor sinks are manufactured with high quality stainless steel to satisfy any application from light-to-heavy duty.