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Zoom-room-sleeper, the new double cab interior with custom storage compartments designed with the professional driver in mind ( view with top section removed to show the inside of the double cab model) the zoomroom reduces operating cost while improving the drivers lifestyle, comfort, and safety! have your own high-quality mattress and your favorite pillow with the touch of a button - you just rest.. Zoomroom, sleepers, and haulers - 901 n nappanne st, elkhart, indiana 46514 - rated 4 based on 2 reviews "i always had this in mind for a good idea and..., so with my job (hotshotting if you didn't already know), i don't really have a place to sleep unless i pay for a hotel room. i do sleep in the drivers seat because i am just too tall to sleep in the back seat comfortably..

the zoom-room electronic murphy bed is automatic, and easily opened and closed using a wireless remote a zoom-room electronic murphy bed does not fold down instead, it "snakes" up and down the rear of a 2' deep cabinet., the new zoom room in action at a recent show. video shows the unit going through down to up position. this is a fully dot compliant sleeper accessed through a large sunroof size opening in the cab..

Zoom-room is the industry leader for sophisticated, customizable murphy beds and custom cabinetry, redefining the concept of convertible spaces and smarter, small space, design solutions. take advantage of our complimentary design services now!, zoom rooms on mac or pc has digital signage option and operation time settings. as such, zoom rooms should not be placed in screen saver or sleep/power saver mode.. I am also 6'2" tall. this thing looks wide enough that i could be comfortable at night. my other option is to buy a $60k truck and do a $10k conversion on it.