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Zolatone-paint-gun, zolatone has been creating tough as nails paint since our early days lining airstream trailers and protecting the trunks of classic american cars. today we're a valued creative partner for many of the world's most prestigious architects and designers, offering them a unique textured and dimensional paint.. Zolatone is most often applied by an internal mix 2100 spray gun by binks using a paint pressure pot that is asme rated. zolatone will often require relatively high fluid and air pressures so having the asme rated paint pressure pot will ensure you can spray the material well., l100c-18-200 lynx l100c zolatone pressure feed air spray gun. c.a.technologies lynx multicolor l100c-18-200 is an internal mix conventional air spray gun set up for spraying architectural, zolatone, multispec, multicolor and latex finishes. with stainless steel fluid passages it replaces binks model 2001 & binks model 2100 spray guns..

Zolatone is a durable coating that resists wear from abrasion, scratching, and chipping in normal everyday use. far tougher than regular paint, zolatone offers you one of the most unique and dependable coatings available today! zolatone, when used with zolatone z91 basecoat primer-sealer, can also help protect against rust and oxidation., we’ll stop supporting this browser soon. for the best experience please update your browser..

Description zolatone 20 series trunk spatter is a polychromatic, modified nitrocellulose coating with a flat background color under accenting fleck colors. this coating system provides an unusual decorative and comouflaging effect that is also durable, flexible and simple to maintain and repair when needed., this video shows you the correct technique in applying zolatone polomyx plx!. Zolatone 8209 power spray kit,spray bottle for spraying zolatone colors.kits include 3 differnt size nozzles.great for touch up of all types of paint. zolatone 20 is the perfect oem and refinish product because of its great looks, camouflaging ability, ease of application, and substrate versatility., keyword research: people who searched zolatone also searched. keyword cpc pcc volume score; zolatone: 1.59: 0.7: 8212: 76: zolatone paint: 0.52: 0.1: 7404: 14