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Zoe-escape-room-fullerton, zoe is a unique and brand new perspective on escape rooms. a scary and immersive escape room adventure with a good portion of action, adrenaline and a real actor participating in the game. based in fullerton, orange county. 16+. The zoe escape room was the best escape room i've done to date. christen and will were the gamemasters this time and they did a phenomenal job. the plot of the escape room is one of those "break the curse and escape" sort of story. all the while, you're being stalked by the uncle (if you look on their website he's the axe wielding hulking figure)., escape room enthusiast survey visualization. what a fun community! the 2019 escape room enthusiast survey visualization was created in an entirely different style when compared ....

Escapade games' zoe is the most frightening escape room we have done. if you like a classic haunted house story, then this is the room for you!, hi, we are the escape duo and we have done over 110+ escape rooms and this is a snippet of our review from our blog. check out the full review and the link to the blog in my profile..

Escapade game’s “zoe” escape room gave us that experience. “zoe” is a horror escape room, but it is true, immersive horror. this isn’t just a “horror” room with some blood on the walls. no no, this is much, much more., puzzles. zoe was a light puzzle game. the puzzles were essentially gates that separated the various segments of the experience. if you lose in zoe, it won’t be because you weren’t smart enough to solve the puzzles; it will be because you were too afraid to get the job done.. standouts. zoe was striving for scary, and dammit, escapade achieved scary.. the actors were fantastic..

Immersive escape room experience. under a brand new angle. escapade games is a live escape room game for a group of 2 to 6 people. your goal is simple yet challenging: to escape from the room in 60 minutes by finding clues, opening hidden doors, solving exciting puzzles.