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Zipwake-trim-tabs-review, imtra's zipwake product manager jamie simmons explains the key differences between trim tabs and interceptors. if you’ve ever owned or operated a powerboat, you’re likely familiar with trim tabs, used to lift the transom of the boat up, and push the bow down to help the boat plane and ride comfortably. however, in the last…. We tested imtra’s new zipwake trim tab system and its claims of improving a boat’s performance and fuel efficiency. the results surprised even us., maximize trim with new zipwake. by rich armstrong. technological innovation can be found all over modern boats, so it was inevitable that evolution reached trim tabs. say hello to zipwake, a new "dynamic trim-control system" that promises faster, more efficient response that is fully automatic..

Zipwake system in action off the caost of california by: ian van tuyl - duration: 2:00. ivt yacht sales, inc. jeanneau sailboat, power boats, yachts, trimarans and bali catamarans., like many of the lights we provide, a zipwake kit box includes all parts needed to install a dynamic trim control system with one pair of fast-acting interceptors. there are four different kit boxes, one for each interceptor model. any base installation can be expanded with up to two extra pairs of series s interceptors, thus allowing a total of six interceptors without any need for additional ....

Zipwake’s interceptor blade extends between 30 to 60 mm, whereas trim tabs often project 150 mm or more reflecting substantial drag. 10 times faster actuation zipwake’s blade stroke takes 1.5 seconds, outperforming conventional trim tabs by a factor of 10., zipwake series s, the world’s first inexpensive dynamic trim-control system, incorporates a state-of-the-art family of durable, fast-acting interceptors. the system is fully automatic. it significantly enhances the boat’s performance, fuel economy, comfort and safety when accelerating, turning or running in a seaway..

Recently released, zipwake’s new v shaped interceptor trim tab adds more flexibility and performance to existing trim control systems. centreline mounted, the v-shaped interceptor is designed to accompany existing straight line trim tabs, and can
 be retrofitted or installed as a new system.