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Zentro-fire-pit-ring, an award winning american made manufacturer of smokeless fire pits, breeo has been building double-walled fire pits since 2011. breeo offers 4 different styles of fire pits, all designed using the smokeless woodburning technology.. Here is how the zentro 24" fire pit works: when its double, cold rolled steel walls heat up, air between the walls rises to the top where it flows out of the holes along the rim. as it mixes with the smoke on the top, it causes it to reburn, thus reducing the smoke that the heat gives off. unlock your culinary skills with a zentro cook off., the zentro fire pit insert makes a perfect addition to your backyard! designed to slide easily into a new or existing block or masonry fire pit, the zentro is the ultimate fire pit upgrade! sleek & modern, with clean lines and an air of sophistication, while maintaining the raw & primal aesthetic of real wood fire.

Blue sky outdoor living pfp2416 patio pellet fire pit round campfire, 23.9" x 16", black, your backyard patio project needs something different. it needs an old fashioned, real wood fire. but it doesn’t need the smoke. the solution? zentro™ fire pits. higher, more even temperatures mean faster cooking, and patent-pending smoke re-burning technology nearly eliminates annoying smoke for playing guitar, sipping hot cocoa or swapping stories. the zentro™ line of […].

Home; about us; products. pavers – back yard living has one of the south shore’s largest inventories of pavers with many manufacturers styles to choose from, many with multiple color and pattern options. click on the manufacturer’s links below to view their products. retaining walls – back yard living has one of the south shore’s largest inventories of freestanding and retaining ..., the zentro™ line of fire pits is designed to easily fit into any existing or new paver, patio or stone fire pit in your outdoor living space. this smokeless fire pit fits ring sizes ranging from 30″ to 47″ in diameter. download the zentro smokeless fire pits catalog below and choose your favorite style..

Gauge of the steel: a quality fire pit ring that will get the job done and not break the bank is in the 10 gauge range, look for that number specifically; gauge, in this case, means thickness, with the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel; commonly available fire pit insert/ring gauges run from about 20 gauge (.0359 in./.911 mm) to about 8 gauge (.1644 in./4.175 mm) in the u.s. market, few things bring friends and family closer together than sitting around a fire ring. but there is something else that stands out when you remember back to campfire evenings....stinging eyes and smoke blowing in your face.