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Zamboni-concrete-cleaner, the “grasshopper” turf-roller performs the job of rolling and unrolling the turf quickly so large arenas can change their floor operations from concrete to artificial grass playing fields in a matter of a few hours. the zamboni company designed this machine so that it is compact and highly maneuverable. the first grasshopper was delivered to the new orleans superdome in 1975 and was in use .... Menu. products. close; ice resurfacers. close; electric-powered; model 650 electric; model 552ac lithium-ion; model 552ac electric; model 450 electric; izo model 612, 3. oil eater original 1 gallon cleaner/degreaser. best concrete cleaner for oily surfaces . let’s be honest — the most annoying thing in a home is greasy surfaces that no detergents will seem to get rid of..

An ice resurfacer is a vehicle or hand-pushed device used to clean and smooth the surface of a sheet of ice, usually in an ice rink.the first ice resurfacer was developed by american inventor and engineer frank zamboni in 1949 in the city of paramount, california. as such, an ice resurfacer is often referred to as a "zamboni" regardless of brand or manufacturer., boss cleaning equipment b200752 scrubber, gloss boss 470rpm 18' 3 wire cord red.

Mix bleach with water and then add dishwashing detergent to the mix and put it into a spray bottle. spray the solution onto the cement patio, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub the mix into the concrete with a stiff brush., some people refer to them as "zamboni's" but these large floor scrubbers are designed for concrete floors. we offer sweeper and floor scrubber equipment service, floor cleaning chemicals, solution, parts, repair, and sales in the los angeles, orange county, riverside county, san bernardino, and san diego county's.. Global industrial™ automatic electric floor scrubber global automatic floor scrubber machine offers durable construction and is easy to use. rotationally molded polyethylene tanks are corrosion and impact resistant. 20" cleaning pad provides a wide 20" cleaning path for greater coverage in less time., a quality concrete floor cleaner can keep the shine on that great expanse of flooring. there are a few ways to clean a concrete floor depending on what type of product it has on its surface and what look you are attempting to preserve or create. untreated concrete flooring needs care..

Gp66 green miracle cleaner gallon (1, gal.) all purpose cleaner kitchen cleaner bathroom cleaner laundry detergent cleaning spray cleans just about anything oven cleaner grout cleaner cooktop cleaner