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Zadro-makeup-mirror-light-replacement, replacement for zadro 7-in surround light t5 22w makeup mirror bulb - easy to replace provides 10,000 hours of service this 22 watt t5 circular replacement bulb is used for all zadro magnifying mirrors with surround light. utilizing simply the best and brightest, low heat fluorescent technology with 100 watt output using only 22 watts of energy.. Buy 2 or more and pay only $9.99 each! replacement bulb for surround light 2000 models: sa sl sv sw ss msa msw max110 7" bulb diameter 22 watt t-5 bulb: used for one-sided surround light mirrors as well at the dual-sided max bright sunlight vanity..., conveniently classy. zadro's power zoom led lighted mirror is the all-in-one vanity mirror. the patented hydrophobic coating repels water to keep it completely fog-free no matter how steamy the environment..

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