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Ysl-belt-selfridges, having introduced androgynous tailoring back in the 60s with its le smoking tuxedo, few brands like to blur the boundaries of masculine and feminine as much as saint laurent. for aw19, the label continues to favour boyish blazers and tailored trousers that are offset by their accessories. made from leather, this skinny belt is fitted with the iconic ysl moniker in a gold-tone, and calls to be .... A belt to match a classic ysl bag? don’t mind if we do. this one’s stamped with the label’s monogram right near the buckle, in a gold-tone metal that’s distinct against the soft leather. most of the brand’s accessories are striking, but this one’s a little quieter – it lets the rest of your outfit do the talking, but it’s not so subtle that it won’t get a compliment or three., ysl belt women | ysl women's belt | ysl women belt | ysl belts women.

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