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Deer-caught-in-fence-twice, chloe dorsey had a simple message for the young deer that got caught in two fences at stone mountain park last week: “you need to learn how to jump, boo!”. Dorsey, a travel consultant from georgia, has recently documented her efforts to save a deer who got stuck in a fence — not once, but twice, and in two different fences — during a morning jog ..., deer better should learn to fly! caught in fence twice #deer #this and that if you don't mind can you sub to my youtube channel? :) i try to upload everday a random video. have a great day..

A jogger interrupted her morning run to rescue a deer that got itself stuck in a fence at georgia's stone mountain park -- twice. chloe dorsey posted the video to instagram after she set up her ..., a georgia jogger made waves online after she posted an instagram video last week of her rescuing the same deer twice -- from two different fences.. A woman named chloe was out jogging around stone mountain, just outside of atlanta. that's when she saw a yearling, a deer that isn't quite two years of age, caught in the metal fencing., freeing an iguana that got itself stuck in a fence..

A georgia woman who was out for a jog saw a baby deer caught in some iron fencing and sprung into action to save it. the heroics were caught on film near stone mountain park in an east atlanta suburb., i was out landscaping with my friend and we noticed a rabbit stuck in the fence so we helped to set it free. we even had to use the bolt cutters. we happened to notice the rabbit run from a pile of leaves we must have startled it. my friend actually pointed out the rabbit to me once it was stuck in the fence. he was trying to get it out by hand but the rabbit was really wedged in between the ...