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Calories-burned-on-stair-machine, the average person burns 60-100 calories every 15 minutes of climbing the stairs at a slow pace, and 50-90 calories every 15 minutes descending the stairs. the number of calories burned on the stairs…. When it comes to gym equipment, the stair step machine (also referred to as the stair master, stair climber or stair stepper) is a moderate-intensity exercise that almost anyone can do. this cardio machine helps strengthen your legs and can increase your lung capacity as well. if you've never used a stair climber, you can read up on what to expect., one horsepower exerted over an hour is equal to 641 calories. so if you were to run up stairs at a rate of 550 foot-pounds of work every second for an hour, you would burn off 641 calories. it is hard for human beings to maintain that level of effort for an entire hour..

The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll burn climbing stairs. harvard health publications reports that a 125-pound person expends 360 calories using a stair step machine for one hour, a 155-pound individual burns 446 calories and a 185-pound person expends 532 calories per hour climbing stairs., most women either love or hate their gym’s stair-stepper for one reason: it’s hard. unlike some other cardio machines (ahem, the elliptical and bike) stair-steppers take momentum out of the ....

You will burn 446 calories per hour exercising on the stair step machine if you weigh 155 pounds. exercising on a stair treadmill machine burns almost exactly the same amount of calories per hour,..., a 160-lb. person can burn approximately 657 calories in one hour on a stair treadmill, or rotating stair machine, according to mayoclinic.com.. Many factors influence the calories-burned-climbing-stairs equation, including the person’s current weight, the rise of the steps and how long the climbing workout lasts. but most people can expect to burn more than 200 calories in 30 minutes. the american council on exercise calculates that, for a basic stair-climbing workout, a 130-pound ..., if 300 minutes on the stair stepper sounds like a drag, complement your stepping workout with other aerobic exercises, such as jogging and step aerobics. whether you use a stair stepper at the gym or decide to purchase a machine to use at home, familiarize yourself with the machine's functions before your first workout.